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Title MouseTraxx™ Sperm Analyzer for Transgenic Mouse research
Name Admin Date 08-07-14 16:15
형질전환 마우스 연구에 적합한 정자분석시스템이 새로히 출시되었습니다.  새롭게 디자인된 "Mouse Traxx"는 신선하거나 냉동/해동된 정자샘플을 신속하고, 정확하게 객관적인 데이타를 제공하여드립니다. Motility, Velocity, Count는 물론 Concentration values를 수초 안에 분석합니다.

자세한 정보가 필요하시면  Hamilton Thorne사의 Webpage인 http://www.hamiltonthorne.com/products/casa/mousetraxx.htm 으로 방문하시거나 폐사(sales@rezent-microsystems.com)로 문의를 하여주십시요.


Hamilton Thorne is pleased to introduce the MouseTraxx sperm analysis system - configured specifically for the TRANSGENIC MOUSE facility. Whether analyzing fresh or frozen/thawed sperm, MouseTraxx provides fast, accurate and objective results.
The MouseTraxx hardware and software have been designed to provide users with a system that offers high-end performance while maintaining its ease of use. The intuitive Windows-based software promotes fast learning and quickly increases the confidence level of users. With a minimum investment of time, even users unfamiliar with computers will be performing fast, accurate and reliable sperm analyses. You don’t need to be a computer expert to analyze sperm with the MouseTraxx.

Whether you need basic counts and motilities or detailed analysis of sperm motion, the MouseTraxx provides you with the results you need. Results for motile, progressively motile and static sperm include actual number counted, sample total, concentrations and percentages. Additional results include averages and distribution bar charts of velocities, motion characteristic and morphometry.

If you need to get more information for Mouse Traxx, please visit the web page as http://www.hamiltonthorne.com/research/spermanalysis/mousetraxx.htm for your reference.