Rezent Microsystems Korea is a leading distribution channel company for sales/service of research equipments with latest laser technology system based on optical microscope, live cell imaging system, IVF application devices and veterinary research equipments which provides its application with customer trust and mutual satisfaction.

To provide high quality products for life science research and industrial fields, we created the trust to distribute all related equipments. All of members in Rezent Microsystems Korea are well experienced more than 15 years in these territories, here we can make the innovation continually contact to research institutes/universities to ensure the best quality together with reliability of our all supplying products, also service to provide customers with prompt technical and application supports.

Especially, we closely cooperate with Hamilton Thorne Biosciences (HTB) in USA to supply their reliable products. HTB is a forerunner in reproductive cell analysis and manipulation designed to bring quality, efficiency and reliability to studies of reproductive cells in the animal, human infertility and reproductive toxicology fields. Also we can handle the devices exclusively as perfusion/ incubation chambers for the inverted microscopy to export to European and Asia-Pacific country regions except Japan and Taiwan cooperate with Live Cell Instrument.

Furthermore, we can deal exclusively with Leja slides in Netherlands, which are high quality disposable counting slide chambers especially made for semen analysis and cooperate with MidAtlantic Diagnostics, Inc. in USA to provide products to infertility equipment as portable IVF chamber etc. and we handled with veterinary ventilator which is mechanical ventilator anesthesia for animals in research and veterinary fields supplied from Metran Japan that is called as “Development-Focused Company”.

리젠트 마이크로시스템스 코리아의 홈페이지를 찾아주신 여러분을 진심으로 환영합니다.

당사는 2003년 미국의 Hamilton Thorne Bioscience사의 Laser Zona Drill, Sperm Analyzer(CASA)와 함께 한국 대리점을 시작으로 Live Cell Device 와 Semen Analysis용 정밀 chamber slide의 선구자인 네덜란드의 LEJA에 이어서 MidAtlantic Diagnostics사의 Potable IVF Chamber를 포함한 관련제품과 일본 Metran사의 동물용 마취기/호흡기 등을 대학기관 및 연구분야에 공급하게 되었습니다.

15년 이상 축적된 광학시스템 및 주변장치의 기술력과 노하우를 갖추고 있는 리젠트 코리아의 직원일동은 고객 여러분께 보다 좋은 제품을 제공하기 위해 노력하는 한편 항상 도전하는 자세로 고객 여러분의 요구사항에 따라 신뢰와 만족을 바탕으로 계속 변화하며 창의적으로 접근하는 전문기업이 되고자 합니다.

고객 여러분의 지속적인 관심과 성원을 부탁 드립니다. 감사합니다.

리젠트 마이크로시스템스 코리아