Zona Laser Drill
Sperm Analyzer
Laser XY Clone
Live Cell Imaging
Special Slides
Veterinary Ventilator
IVF Application
Zona Laser Drilling System
The Most Portable and Flexible Zona Laser Drilling System, ZILOS-tk offers Precise, Consistent and the Most Safe, Easy to Use and Powerful Capabilities.
CASA Sperm Analysis System
Need More Power for your Sperm Analysis System? Get the Objectivity + (Accuracy x Repeatability x QC) + Reputation = Trust with Results by Hamilton Thorne Biosciences >>> You can trust…
XY Clone Laser System
The Premier Tool for Transgenic Animal Production, Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Nuclear Transfer. Produce Xenogenic-free ES Cell Lines, Less Damage, Save Time, Increase Productivity.
Live Cell Image Devices
Live Cell imaging solutions enable ground-breaking results in structural and functional analysis and particle imaging technologies.
(* Export to Asia-Pacific and EU only except Japan and Taiwan)
Special slides for CASA
High quality disposable counting slide chambers. These slides are especially developed for semen analysis.
Anesthesia / Artificial Ventilator
It utilizes a compact design combining mechanical ventilator/anesthesia machine. It can be used for infants, adults and in the field of veterinary treatment.
IVF Application
State-of-the-art system that unites the latest innovations equipments for IVF and Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase which allows to perform the ICSI procedure.