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Overview of the ZILOS-tk

Integrated Laser and 40x or 50x Objective Combination

Compact, portable and unique! The ZILOS-tk laser is integrated into the objective. The ZILOS-tk laser-objective is attached directly to the turret of the inverted microscope, leaving both the fluorescent and filter cube ports open for normal use. The ZILOS-tk is compatible with all current and older models of inverted microscopes. This patent pending design is unique in that all components required are contained in the single module. This allows the laser to be aligned under strictly controlled factory conditions and locked in place, so that alignment on-site is not required.

Class I, Non-contact Infrared Laser (1480 nm)

The ZILOS-tk was the first zona dissection laser system on the market that included a Class I laser as a standard component.

HASSLE FREE Microscope Upgrade or Changeover - Most Flexible Complete Laser System Available

With the exact same components used on ALL current and older brands/models of inverted microscopes, the ZILOS-tk has the highest level of microscope compatibility. Other systems not only have components that are restricted in use to one brand of microscope, but also the configuration may vary between models of each brand. The ZILOS-tk (and XYClone) are the only complete laser systems available that can be switched from any brand/model of microscope to any other brand/model of microscope, without need for customization, laser realignment, and possibly even added cost. This means that if you buy any different brand/model microscope in the future, the ZILOS-tk can still be used with no changes needed! The ZILOS-tk is also compatible with the CRI Spindleview and micromanipulators.

Isotherm Rings™ for Embryo Safety

The unique Isotherm Rings™ feature on the ZILOS-tk helps the user prevent potential harmful effects on blastomeres adjacent to the zona due to heat from the laser drilling. The Isotherm Rings appear on the screen as a series of six concentric circles of varying colors, and indicate the maximum temperature reached at the ring diameter at various laser pulse durations. The rings indicate both the drill hole size and the safety region based on temperature. The outer ring (50°C ring) for all pulse times exceeds the 8 micron safety distance from the drill hole size, as referenced by others. The Isotherm Rings are completely automatic and require no user measuring of drill hole size and no "guestimate" of a safe zone for every individual pulse time.

For safety reasons, the Isotherm Rings™ are hardwired and their specifications cannot be altered or deleted by users. Thus you can be confident that what you see is accurate according to precise scientific definitions! (Isotherm Rings are patent pending.) User may select which rings to view.

Intuitive Software Interface

The new ZILOS-tk software is even more user-friendly and easier to learn than the previous version. You'll be up and running in no time. And with the detailed and well-organized Operator's Manual, plus the Windows Help file, answers to all questions are quickly found. Simple and Precise Target Adjustment. The ZILOS-tk provides a computer-controlled aiming marker for precise adjustment of the target. The user manual provides step-by-step instructions for target alignment.

One Touch Clinical Laser Modes

The ZILOS-tk lets you define High, Medium, and Low pulse times. The laser is fired.

Image Storage

In addition to the images stored on the report, an unlimited number of images may be captured and stored to disk. Temporarily save up to 15 thumbnail images. Choose one-click save all or delete all, or individually save images. Image naming options include manual, automatic from report information, or automatic using root name.

Video Capture

Record and save real-time video of laser drilling and other micromanipulation procedures. Image Zoom 2x, 4x and 8x digital image zoom of live image and Isotherm Rings for safest drill site selection and precise measurements. Laser drilling can also be performed while using image zoom. Image also may be panned in user-defined increments.

Embryo Evaluation Tools

Measure embryo, zona, pronuclei and drill hole size. ZILOS-tk automatically calculates mean and standard deviation. One user-defined Ruler measurement is also available. All measurements and calculations are inserted into the report at the touch of a button. Images may also be saved with measurement overlays.

Built-in Patient Report

It's fast and easy to save pre- and post-treament embryo images, embryo evaluations and patient data. Data may also be output in ASCII format for use in other software programs.