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The TOX IVOS system for sperm analysis has been validated in governmental, commercial and pharmaceutical reproductive toxicology laboratories around the world. With the new EU REACH framework soon to be enforced, the TOX IVOS can help companies with compliance studies.

About the TOX IVOS

  • NEW : Built-in CD Writer!
  • Uniquely Suited to be Your Laboratory Partner
  • 21CFR11 Compliance and GLP Validation
  • Customized Algorithms for rat Sperm
  • Accurate Total Sperm Counts in Homogenized Tissue
  • Automatic Storage of Digital Images to Optical Disk
  • Professional Training and Ongoing Support
  • What the TOX IVOS System Includes
  • Summary of Results Provided

  • Uniquely Suited to Be Your Laboratory Partner

    The TOX IVOS Sperm Analyzer has unique features that increase laboratory efficiency and ease of use without sacrificing analysis accuracy. From its integrated optical system to its real-time "prove it" ability of the Playback function, the TOX IVOS works with you to provide fast, user-friendly analysis and accurate, validated results.

    21CFR11 Compliance and GLP Validation

    With the addition of new security and electronic records features in Version 12.1, the TOX IVOS is now fully compliant with 21CFR11. Specifically developed to comply with regulatory guidelines, the TOX IVOS is supported by full documentation. Our TOX IVOS Validation Handbook outlines specific GLP protocols to verify the accuracy of internal calculations. The TOX IVOS analyzer has been validated by governmental, pharmaceutical and commercial reproductive toxicology labs. Please call for a list of installed sites. For more information, view the 21CFR11 Information Sheet and 21CFR Compliance Statement.

    Customized Algorithms for Rat Sperm

    Because of the large size of the rat sperm and the unique shape of its head, customized algorithms have been developed for rat sperm analysis with the TOX IVOS. Using these special algorithms, the TOX IVOS digitally "separates" the sperm head from the mid-piece. The TOX IVOS is able to isolate the sperm head in this method because it is the only sperm analyzer that uses the whole sperm image, not just the border, for analysis. The precise identification and tracking of sperm can be immediately confirmed with the full-disclosure Playback feature of the TOX IVOS.

    Accurate Total Sperm Counts in Homogenized Tissue

    The time-consuming task of hemacytometer sperm counts is now a thing of the past. For total sperm counts in homogenized tissue, nothing matches the ease of use and accuracy of the IDENT fluorescing system. Integrated into the TOX IVOS, the IDENT fluorescent illumination is activated at the touch of a button. Sample preparation for the IDENT analysis requires a simple three minute staining procedure. Since the IDENT stain is DNA-specific, sperm heads are clearly illuminated and identified while debris is ignored. As with standard analysis, accurate identification is immediately confirmed with the Playback feature.

    Automatic Storage of Digital Images to Optical Disk

    For compliance with regulatory guidelines, raw data of all fields analyzed may be automatically saved to optical disk with the Digital Image Storage. Because the exact sperm images are saved to disk, digital image storage is the optimum QC method. If preferred, images may also be easily recorded to videotape. For easy retrieval from optical disk, the analysis setup, the study name and the animal number are stored with each image file. Each optical disk stores over a gigabyte of data - enough space to archive a complete study. With the 30 year, guaranteed lifetime of an optical disk, digital image storage of analysis fields satisfies the most stringent QC requirements.

    Professional Training and Ongoing Support

    Professional installation and two days of user training are included with every TOX IVOS system. A step-by-step training checklist ensures that all installed options are explained in detail and understood in full. Hamilton Thorne Research also offers free, on-line technical and application support via our toll free number, fax and e-mail

    What the TOX IVOS System Includes

    The TOX IVOS System is a comprehensive system, which, in addition to the standard motility software, includes all the following options:

  • IDENT Fluorescence
  • Sort
  • Edit Tracks
  • Clinical Filing System
  • HDATA ASCII Export
  • Digital Image Storage

  • Summary of Results Provided


  • Total, Motile, Progressive
  • % Motile, % Progressively Motile
  • Rapid, Medium, Slow and Static Cells

  • Concentrations

  • Total, Motile, Progressive (millions/ml)
  • Rapid, Medium, Slow and Static Cells (millions/ml)
  • Sperm/gram tissue (IDENT mode)

  • Mean Values

  • VAP: Smoothed Path Velocity (microns/sec)
  • VCL: Track Velocity (microns/sec)
  • VSL: Straight Line Velocity (microns/sec)
  • ALH: Amplitude of Lateral Head Displacement (microns)
  • BCF: Beat Cross Frequency (hertz)
  • LIN: Linearity (ratio of VSL/VCL)
  • STR: Straightness (ratio of VSL/VAP)
  • Elongation: head shape (ratio of minor to major axis of sperm head)
  • Area: head size (square microns)

  • Bar Chart Distributions

  • VAP, VCL, VSL, Elongation, ALH, BCF, LIN, STR

  • Download : Brochure
    Download : Specification