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If you replaced the internal optics of the IVOS analyzer with a microscope and camera, what would you have? You would have a high performance analyzer at a lower price. You would have a CEROS.


  • Save Space, Save Money
  • Components
  • Comparison with IVOS
  • Multispecies Compatibility
  • Ease of Use
  • Results You need
  • Real-Time Quality Control
  • Summary of Results Provided

  • Save Space, Save Money

    If you have limited bench space, a limited budget, or both - the CEROS is the answer. Providing the
    same accuracy and detail of the IVOS, the CEROS is a cost-effective and space-saving alternative. Since the CEROS processor is a separate unit from the optical component, the computer can be placed under the bench and out of the way. And, if you already own a compatible microscope (must be negative phase contrast trinocular), you can save even more money!

    Comparison with IVOS

    So which system is right for you?

    If high-end performance using the published standard is key for your lab, then the IVOS is the best option. If you require the objectivity and accuracy of automated analysis, but at a more affordable price, then choose the CEROS.
    All optics components built into one integrated workstation External microscope allows computer to be stored under the lab bench to save space
    Strobe illumination: provides sharpest imaging Familiar, standard microscope illumination
    Automated, built-in, heated stage for precise temperature control and sample positioning Portable MiniTherm Stage Warmer maintains samples at 37°C
    Preselection of fields for fastest analysis X-Y stage movement increases number of fields available for motility and morphology
    Required for optional IDENT fluorescence capability Not compatible with IDENT fluorescence capability


    The CEROS is a component based system, comprised of:
  • A high speed computer
  • A negative phase contrast trinocular microscope
  • A B&W CCD camera
  • Portable MiniTherm Stage Warmer

    Multispecies Compatibility

    Depending on your need, the CEROS comes with standard Clinical (human) software, Equine Breeders software, Animal Breeders software or Animal Motility software.
    (TOX and SWINE software are not available for the CEROS.)

    Ease of Use

    The CEROS hardware and software have been designed to provide users with a system that offers high-end performance while maintaining its ease of use. The intuitive Windows-based software promotes fast learning and quickly increases the confidence level of users. With a minimum investment of time, even users unfamiliar with computers will be performing fast, accurate and reliable sperm analyses. You don’t need to be a computer expert to analyze sperm with the CEROS.

  • Redesigned software interface of Version 12 makes operation intuitive
  • Up to 7 analysis setups (including optic calibrations) may be stored to memory and selected at the touch of a button
  • Patient and sample information easily entered from keyboard
  • Simply place the sample chamber on the stage, focus the image, select the fields, and begin analysis
  • On-site customized installation and training provided with all new systems

    Results You Need

    Whether you need basic counts and motilities or detailed analysis of sperm motion, the IVOS provides you with the results you need. Results for motile, progressively motile and static sperm include actual number counted, sample total, concentrations and percentages. Additional results include averages and distribution bar charts of velocities, motion characteristic and morphometry.

    Real-Time Quality Control

    Just like the IVOS, the CEROS provides on demand quality control with the Playback feature. Using image Playback, the accuracy of the analysis is confirmed. To optimize the system, analysis parameters may be adjusted using the two interactive QC Plots or directly from the analysis setup screen.

    Summary of Results Provided

  • Total, Motile, Progressive
  • % Motile, % Progressively Motile
  • Rapid, Medium, Slow and Static Cells

  • Concentrations
  • Total, Motile, Progressive (millions/ml)
  • Rapid, Medium, Slow and Static Cells (millions/ml)

  • Mean Values
  • VAP: Smoothed Path Velocity (microns/sec)
  • VCL: Track Velocity (microns/sec)
  • VSL: Straight Line Velocity (microns/sec)
  • ALH: Amplitude of Lateral Head Displacement (microns)
  • BCF: Beat Cross Frequency (hertz)
  • LIN: Linearity (ratio of VSL/VCL)
  • STR: Straightness (ratio of VSL/VAP)
  • Elongation: head shape (ratio of minor to major axis of sperm head)
  • Area: head size (square microns)

  • Bar Chart Distributions
  • VAP, VCL, VSL, Elongation, ALH, BCF, LIN, STR

  • Download : Brochure
    Download : Specification/Human
    Download : Specification/Animal