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Accu-Beads for Quality Control

What Are Accu-Beads?

Accu-Beads consist of two known concentrations of latex beads (18 and 35 M/ml) suspended in an aqueous solution. Similar in size to human sperm,the Accu-Beads have been developed to confirm accurate counting procedures used for routine semen analysis.

Who Will Benefit from Using Accu-Beads?

Whether you perform your semen counts manually or using an automated analyzer, you can use Accu-Beads for quality control.

What do Accu-Beads Evaluate?

For manual methods, the Accu-Beads are used to evaluate the actual counting procedures practiced. When used in an automated semen analyzer, the Accu-Beads test and evaluate the optical and image acquisition systems of the analyzer. Because motility is irrelevant for checking these functions, the static nature of the Accu-Beads will not affect the quality control testing.

How are Accu-Beads used?

Using a pipette, simply draw the required amount (undiluted) and load your standard semen analysis chamber, such as a disposable slide or a Petroff- Hausser, Makler, or Hemacytometer chamber.
Position the chamber on the stage of the microscope or analyzer and perform an analysis according to your normalprocedure.


The images below show the 35 M/ml Accu-Beads in the IVOS analyzer. The top image shows the Accu-Bead image acquired for analysis and the second shows the analyzed Accu-Bead image.

Download : Instruction

MiniTherm Stage Warmer

A compact and affordable stage warmer for CASA and manual sperm motility analysis.

Since sperm motility and velocity are highly dependent on temperature, assessment of motility should be performed as close to 37°C as possible [World Health Organization laboratory manual for the examination of human semen. 3rd edition. 1992].

Before, large and costly microscope stage heaters were the only option. Now, with the MiniTherm stage warmer, a portable, low-cost alternative is available. Designed for use with disposable sperm analysis chambers and microscope slides, the MiniTherm stage warmer maintains sample temperature at 37°C. Simply plug the warmer in and place on the microscope stage. The MiniTherm stage warmer automatically calibrates itself to 37°C. Each MiniTherm comes with a temperature validation slide that turns green (see image below) when at 37°C.


The IDENT Fluorescence option is used as a method of determining sperm motility and concentration without the interference of detritus.

By staining the cells with the IDENT Stain (DNA-specific dye, based on Hoechst bisbenzimide), all DNA-containing objects will fluoresce under the appropriate illumination. Cytoplasmic detritus, which does not contain DNA, will not fluoresce and will not be visible. Somatic cells that are not sperm (diploid cells such as leukocytes, spermatogonia, epithelial cells, etc.) can be eliminated since they will generally possess a larger size and lower degree of fluorescent intensity than the haploid sperm (although sperm have only half the DNA complement of a somatic cell, it is highly condensed, resulting in a higher degree of fluorescent intensity.)

For added convenience, Hamilton Thorne Research sells prepackaged IDENT Stain tubes. Sold in quantities of 200 tubes per bag, each tube contains 40 μg of stain, which is readily dissolved in sperm suspension medium.

Download : Instruction


The VIADENT Fluorescence option is used as a method of determining viable sperm count, concentration, and percentage from a motile sample. Standard motility analysis is performed under typical phase contrast illumination, and vaibility analysis is then performed on the same fields under fluorescent illumination.

By staining the cells with the VIADENT Stain, all non-viable sperm will fluoresce under the appropriate illumination. Viable sperm cells do not take up the stain, will not fluoresce, and will not be visible under fluorescent light.

For added convenience, Hamilton Thorne Research sells prepackaged VIAIDENT Stain tubes. Sold in quantities of 200 tubes per bag, each tube contains 40 μg of stain, which is readily dissolved in sperm suspension medium.

2X-CEL Chamber

2X-CEL Disposable Sperm Analysis Chamber Offers Increased Reliability

Variability in chamber depth is the single greatest source of error in calculating concentrations and total counts. The 2X-CEL chamber is subjected to stringent QC testing using our patented "Interferometer" to measure precision of chamber depth. Chamber materials have also been scientifically tested for sperm toxicity and viability in the HTR laboratories.

Convenient, Easy to Use, Cost Effective

To accommodate all sample types, the 2X-CEL chambers are easily loaded by either the capillary action or drop method. The 2X-CEL chambers are used with the HTR Magnetic Slide Holder, an easy to load system that evenly distributes pressure along the edges of the coverslip to achieve precise chamber depths. Because the coverslip of the 2X-CEL is not permanently mounted on the slide, the chamber may be easily cleaned to promote detritus-free analysis. The 2X-CEL chambers may also be used with the MiniTherm Slide Warmer. For added efficiency, each slide accommodates two samples.

20 micron and 80 micron Depths Available

The 20 micron 2X-CEL sperm analysis chamber is designed with a special hydrophobic barrier to guard against overfilling, resulting in increased accuracy in determination of sperm concentrations and total counts. Developed specifically for motility analysis of rat sperm, the 80 micron 2X-CEL provides an easy to handle, clean alternative to the cannula.

  • Each box of 20 micron 2X-CEL chambers contains 72 slides/includes a box of coverslips.
  • Each box of 80 micron 2X-CEL chambers contains 65 slides/includes a box of coverslips.

    Please note that there are different thicknesses of coverslips for each type of chamber. Coverslips cannot be used interchangeably.