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35mm dish type chamber for cover slip

Chamlide™ Chamber

Chamlide™ is a trademark for observation chamber developed by Live Cell Instrument, Inc(LCI).

Chamlide™, the flagship product of our company, is a combined word of a "chamber" and a "slide".

Chamlide™ use a patented magnetic system for easy installation.

Conventional screw type install system has difficulty for daily use such as breaking the cover slip or dry-out of medium during installation or leaking of medium during observation. Installing cover slip into Chamlide™ only takes a couple of seconds. It is extremely easy to use, safe and never leaks.

Chamlide™ replace an expensive disposable cover slip bottom dish.

35mm dish type magnetic chamber for 18ø cover slip
Magnetic chamber Installation
1. Culture the cells on a cover slip.
2. Using forceps, transfer a cover slip to the bottom plate.
3. Install the main body.
  (The main body will automatically attach to the bottom plate due to the magnetic force)
4. Fill the chamber with an observation medium.

Chamlide PC
Multi-purpose chambe

  • Chamlide PC chamber has a built-in heater inside the body thus precisely controls the temperature directly.
  • Chamlide PC also has media perfusion inlet/outlet as well as CO₂supplying inlet/outlet.
  • Chamlide PC chamber consists of a main body (which use a patented magnetic system), a metal bottom plate and a glass cover to maintain pH and to prevent evaporation.
  • Use a PID controller for precise controlling of chamber temperature.
  • Use a flow meter to fine control mixed gas (5%CO₂/95%Air) level(20 cc/min).
  • A compact design that can be used with any kind of microscope stage
  • Bottom plate is the same size as the slide glass.
  • For perfusion, use with fluidic inline heater for controlling media temperature.
  • Communicate with the computer that it is possible to regulate the temperature as well as adjust the its gradient and record the temperature trace using the computer program (This program is planning to go on sale soon.)

  • Chamlide SC
    Shear stress chamber

    For cell adhesion study by shear stress

  • Use a cover slip as a bottom for high magnification microscopy.
  • A patent pending magnetic system for easy installation.
  • No need to use vacuum pump for chamber installation.
  • Use silicone Gasket (200㎛ is a default).
  • Fluid inlet/outlet to connect peristaltic pump or syringe pump.
  • Control the temperature of the chamber using a heating plate.
  • Use with fluidic inline heater for controlling media temperature.
  • The size of chamber and width of gasket can be custom-made.

  • Chamlide WC
    Water circulation cooling chamber

  • For low temperature experiment.
  • Chamlide WC uses cooling circulation water bath to control the temperature of the chamber.

  • Well-slide
    Slide glass chamber

  • Replace an expensive disposable chamber slide.
  • Semi-permanent.
  • Simply remove and replace the bottom slide glass for next use.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Use silicone gaskets to prevent leaking.
  • Metal bottom for stable temperature control during live cell imaging.
  • Non-toxic, non-reactive PEEK material.
  • A patent pending magnetic system for easy installation.
  • Control the temperature and CO₂level using chamlide TC for live cell imaging.
  • How to use Well-Slide™

    1. Put the slide glass and silicone gasket into the bottom plate.
    2. Install the chamber body.
      (The main body will automatically attach to the bottom plate due to magnetic force.)
    3. Seed the cells into the chamber.
    4. Use with chamlide TC system for live cell imaging or with CO₂ incubator for cell culture.