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IVF Application
Fluidic inline heater

  • In-line solution heating is the simplest and most    effective way of warming perfusion solutions.
  • Non-toxic tubing is coiled around the stainless   steel tube inside which is temperature controlled.
  • The minimal dead volume of 250 ㎕.
  • The body of IHS-101 is connected to the supporting   arm by a magnetic system for easy installation.
  • The supporting arm is flexible for easy installation of   the IHS-101 onto microscope.
  • The supporting arm can be attached either to the   microscope directly or to the elsewhere using a   clamp or an on/off magnetic attachment.
  • CU-102 controller uses a PID type control system   for precise controlling the temperature of media   which flows directly into the chamber.

  • Perfusion experiment
    Pre-heating plate

  • Uniform temperature around the surface of the plate.
  • PID control system for precise control the temperature.
  • Various sizes are available.
    Heating plate for chamlide chambers

  • Use a PID controller for precise controlling of heating plate.
  • Uses state-of-the-art ultra-thin thermo-technology (patent pending) to transmit the heat evenly.

  • FC-5
    Automatic 5%CO₂/ 95%Air mixer

  • Automatic CO₂Gas Mixing System for chamlide chamber & incubator.
  • Use a PID control system for precise controlling the CO₂ concentration.
  • Produces 5% CO₂ /95% Air mixed gas from 100% CO₂ gas cylinder.
  • Use fine solenoid valve.
  • Have a reservoir for gas ripening.
  • There is a internal air pump.

  • Live flow cytometry
    Mag-cup for FACS

    Although measuring calcium influx/efflux in the cells using a FACS(flow cytometry) has high demand, the conventional type of FACS hole-cup prevents one from applying stimulus during acquisition. Mag-cup solved this problem completely and is a perfect solution for applying stimulus during FACS acquisition.
    Calcium influx and efflux of human platelet which uses Mag-cup
  • Mag-cup consists of a magnetic holder and hole-cup.
  • Attach Mag-cup holder and hole-cup using magnetic force.
  • Push the FACS 2052 falcon tube containing the sample up to the attachment site between Mag-cup holder and hole-cup. It will stay because of magnetic force.
  • Add the stimulus into the hole-cup using a micropipette (hole-cup volume 1-60 ㎕)
  • Carefully install the sample tube to FACS and make sure hole-cup not to touch the FACS sampling tube.
  • After acquire the basal level, detach the Mag-cup holder, then the hole-cup inside tube will drop and mix with the sample. Swirl the tube briefly to mix the stimulus and the sample.