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Compose ß EV

Artificial Ventilator for Veterinary use.


Featuring a compact body, safe and easy to use. Metran's long seller device to use from small to big animals, and in different environments. Easy viewing with a big LED screen, and with manual operation buttons easy to be set.

For safety

Compos is equipped with a safety mechanism alarm for detecting high pressure, low pressure, electric power outage, and other mechanical problems.
Jet is used for inspiration and exhalation

The breathing circuit is full-opened by ventilation based on the air pressure. Prevention of excessive elevation of pressure in the breathing circuit. More over it is always prepared for beginning of simultaneous breathing. Standard equipped with PEEP Helps the recovery of oxygenation.

Jet ventilation until 4Hz

Breathing frequency can be set to a maximum of 255 times/min (4Hz). It can be widely used as a response for insufficiency in breathing or coughed-up sputum.

For a comfortable anesthesia
Compos anesthesia device

Even Composβ Artificial Ventilator is very compact, it works as a full-size anesthesia device. When artificial ventilation is needed during anesthesia, you can get a safe breathing management just by pushing a button. Detector of nitrous oxide gas cut-off device is included It prevents the flow of only nitrous oxide gas.

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