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Mobile IVF-1 Chamber (Hoffman Isolette) Overview
Used by the best IVF programs worldwide, the Mobile IVF-1 Chamber is a self-contained, state-of-the-art system that unites the latest innovations in reproductive technology.
Exposure of human oocytes and embryos to room air and temperature will adversely affect their viability and the success of your IVF program. Studies have shown that the pH of bicarbonate-based media rises above the physiological range within 2 minutes of exposure to room air. As originally described by Testart et. al. (1) and improved by Meldrum and coworkers (2,3), the use of a modified pediatric isolette under controlled environmental conditions resulted in significantly improved embryo quality and better pregnancy rates.

The IVF-1 Chamber is easy to operate and maintain. Its versatility makes it ideal for oocyte screening, fertilization identification, cleavage check, and embryo transfer.

The IVF-1Chamber's convenient size, ease of mobility, and self-sustaining electrical source allows for safe and efficient transport between the operating theater, embryo transfer room, and IVF laboratory.

In addition to IVF, the IVF-1 Chamber is ideal for GIFT and other procedures in assisted reproduction. We are committed to the performance of the IVF-1 Chamber, and we can easily customize this unit to meet your special applications in reproductive technology.
1. Testart J, Lassale B and Frydman R. Fertil Steril 28:372-375, 1982.

2. Meldrum DR, Chetkowski RA, Steingold KA, deZeigler D, Cedars MI and Hamilton M. Fertil Steril 48:86-93, 1987.

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Mobile IVF-1 Chamber - Standard Features
User Defined Temperature Setting

The Chamber Enclosure controls, monitors and maintains a user-designated temperature range of 30.0°C to 38.5°C, with an accuracy of ± 1°C.

Integration of Microscope (existing or new)

MidAtlantic Diagnostics will integrate your existing or new microscope (not included in cost) into the Mobile IVF-1 Chamber for optimum efficiency.

CO₂Controller and regulator

The Forma Portamatic Model 3057 CO₂ Controller is a sophisticated device that monitors and maintains a steady, controlled CO₂ atmosphere. It enables the reproductive health specialist to adjust CO₂ levels precisely from 0% to 95%.
IVF-1 Chamber - Custom Solutions
Mid Atlantic's Custom Products Division is committed to providing IVF technicians with Chambers that suit their needs exactly. Our representatives will gladly customize any IVF Chamber with a variety of specialized products that meet each technician's requirements.
Unique and Standard Microscopes

Because each IVF specialist has developed his or her own equipment specifications, MidAtlantic's can configure your IVF Chamber custom tools such as the Wild Stereo Microscope.

Integrated Battery Backup

The success of the IVF project depends upon stable conditions. With the optional backup power source, the IVF technician can feel secure moving the chamber from the laboratory to the operating theater. The backup power source maintains stable CO₂ and temperature levels without A/C power.

30 minute or 60 minute Options: Integrated system provides 30 or 60 minutes uninterrupted power supply in event of power outage. System will automatically switch to battery power and automatically switch back to primary AC power when available. (On 900 - 30 minutes, on 1300 - 60 minutes)

Integrated Humidifier

An internal humidification system and two stage CO₂ regulator is standard equipment on all IVF-1 Chambers.

Integrated Video Setups

MidAtlantic can add video or camera options to your Mobile IVF-1 Chamber.

External Fiber Optic Light Source
Mobile IVF-1 Chamber Adjustable-Height Stand
The MidAtlantic Diagnostics Adjustable-Height Stand provides an ideal fir for technicians from 4'11" to 6'4".

  • One touch automatic elevation controls.
  • Fast and easy raising and lowering.
  • Every shift can be more comfortable and productive.
  • Also available for the IVF Workstation.
  • Every shift can be more comfortable and productive.
  • Also available for the IVF Workstation.
  • Download : IVF-1 Chamber Catalogue