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For Manipulation and Transfer of Oocytes and Embryos During IVF and ICSI

  • Strips cumulus and corona cells from oocyte prior to ICSI procedures Easily removes the corona to assess the presence of pronuclei in conventional IVF.

  • Safely transfers embryos and oocytes through various media and solutions Unique dispenser packaging maintains sterility.

  • THE STRIPPER® is a precision instrument engineered for many years of reliable use. The body is constructed from machined aluminum and the plunger from high quality stainless steel, making it very easy to keep the unit clean and sanitary.

  • THE STRIPPER® is designed to manipulate the gametes/embryos with a minimal amount of fluid transfer. For most applications, the maximum piston setting allowing a capacity in the tip of 3 ul is recommended. For your special needs, however, you can alter the working volume from 0 to 3 μl in 0.05 μl increments by rotating the plunger shaft.

  • Setting the Sample Delivery

    The Plunger shaft is preset at 3 μl. To decrease the delivery volume, rotate the plunger shaft clockwise until the desired sample size is opposite the reference mark on the spring housing. Each quarter turn of the shaft reduces the delivery volume by 0.05ul. Therefore, one full turn will decrease the capacity by 0.2 μl. To return the unit to its full capacity, turn the plunger counter-clockwise to its initial setting.

    Using the STRIPPER®

    Carefully attach a sterile STRIPPER® Tip to the stainless steel plunger by loosening the knurled collet and depressing the finger pad until the plunger protrudes 0.5 to 1.0 cm past the collet. Slip on the new Tip and push it firmly along the plunger until it stops against the "O" rings at the tip of the barrel. Tighten the collet.

    Rinse the Tip by depressing the plunger until the finger pad contacts the spring housing; immerse the tip into a drop of media, and slowly release the plunger. Expel the media by depressing the plunger as before. To expel any residual media in the Tip, push the finger pad until it enters the spring housing. Repeat this process a few times to ensure the polycarbonate Tip is sufficiently moistened.

    Once the Tip has been rinsed, you are ready to manipulate the cells. If you are using THE STRIPPER® to move or clean oocytes or embryos, first make sure that the bore of the Tip is appropriate for the diameter of the cell being manipulated. To do this, place the Tip next to the cell to be manipulated, and make sure that the inner diameter of the Tip will not cause major distortion of the oocyte as it is pipetted in and out of the Tip. (It is recommended that the first time you use THE STRIPPER®, you practice on discarded mouse or hamster eggs/embryos.)


    For Transfer of Cumulus Complex during Retrieval

    The STRIPPER-CC® is a precision instrument engineered for many years of reliable use.

    The body is constructed from molded plastic and the plunger from high quality stainless steel, making it very easy to keep the unit clean and sanitary.

    The STRIPPER-CC® is designed to transfer the cumulus-oocyte-complex (COC) from the follicular aspirate to the wash and culture media.
    The STRIPPER-CC® is also ideal to help “soften” the cumulus mass in a mild hyaluronidase solution when preparing the oocytes for insemination by the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection procedure (ICSI).

    The STRIPPER-CC® Tips, made from high quality polycarbonate and supplied sterile, MEA and endotoxin tested, can readily replace the need for breakable glass pipettes in the Embryology Laboratory

    The Stripper® PGD

    For the Manipulation and Transfer of Cells that are Less than 50 μm in Diameter
    The Stripper Mini is patent pending.

    The Stripper® Tips

    Pre-sterilized STRIPPER® Tips are: Gamma Irradiated for Sterility Endotoxin Tested Mouse Embryo Tested Flexible, Unbreakable Will Not Scratch Dishes

    STRIPPER® Tip Sizes Now Available 75 μm/100 μm/125 μm/135 μm/150 μm/175 μm/200 μm/275 μm/600 μm

    STRIPPER® PGD Tip Size: 50 μm STRIPPER® CC Tip Size: 1000 μm

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