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PICSI® Dish for Sperm Selection

Intended Use

In the treatment of infertile couples by ICSI, PICSI is indicated for the selection of mature sperm for injection.

Description of Device

The PICSI®Sperm Selection Device is a sterile, plastic culture dish with three microdots of hyaluronan hydrogel attached to the bottom interior of the dish. It also has three locating lines embossed on the bottom exterior of the dish to aid the operator to find the microdots. Mature human sperm attach themselves to the hyaluronan through specific receptorsfound on the sperm plasma membrane. Hyaluronan-bound sperm exhibit no progressive movement, although their tails beat and they are capable of motility. Hyaluronan-bound sperm are easily selected and removed from the hyaluronan by micropipette for use in intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
PICSI dishes are radiation sterilized to provide a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6. The endotoxin content is less than 1EU/device and dishes have been tested by 1-Cell Mouse Embryo Assays to demonstrate >75% conversion to blastocysts in 96 h.

Preparation for Use

Hydrate the hyaluronan microdots by placing single droplets of Human Tubal Fluid (HTF) or other suitable sperm diluents at the end of each locating line toward the center of the dish (see graphic above). At your option, you may also place drops of PVP or other viscous sperm manipulation media elsewhere on the dish for collecting and processing PICSI-selected sperm. Carefully flood the dish with room temperature (18-28°C) tissue culture oil. DO NOT USE 37°C OIL. The binding of sperm to the hyaluronan microdot is reduced at temperatures above 30° C. Maintain the dish at room temperature and use within 2 h of dot hydration.

Using the Dish

  • Add 1 to 2 μL of prepared sperm to the first HTF drop. Allow at least 5 min. for the sperm to bind to the hyaluronan microdot.

  • Place the dish on the microscope and observe the microdot and the density of sperm bound to it.

  • -
    Over time, the number of bound sperm will increase as more sperm contact the microdot.
    A good density of bound sperm consists of many well isolated, bound sperm easily accessible tthe ICSI micropipette.
    If the density of bound sperm is too high or too low for good selection, dilute or concentrate the prepared sperm sample as appropriate and use the adjusted sperm sample to seed the next microdot.
    We recommend screening of the sperm donor with HBA®, theHyaluronan Binding Assay, to determine the donor’s proportion of hyaluronan-binding sperm. This information should facilitate the choice of dilution/concentration that will provide a good density of PICSI bound sperm.

  • To collect a bound sperm, position the tip of the ISCI micropipetnext to the sperm and gently suck fluid into the pipet, drawing inthe sperm.

  • -
    To facilitate collecting well separated bound sperm you may prefer to take them from the center of the hyaluronan microdot where they will be less concentrated.
    Continue collecting until sufficient (20-50) sperm are captured.

  • Expel the captured sperm into a PVP drop to process them for ICSI (inactivating the tail, re-evaluation of motility and morphology, etc.).

  • From this PVP droplet, select a single processed sperm for injection. Transfer it to a 37°C droplet on the temperature-equilibrated oocyte injection dish and follow your standard injection protocol to load and inject the sperm.
    Download : PICSI Catalogue
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